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Global Canine Registry

Conformation Show point system as follows: First place in age group: with competition 10pts awarded. (Excluding 3-6 months no pts awarded)

Best Male or Female: 20 pts awarded. “Best Male or Female is considered a major. *Majors must be earned under 3 separate judges.

Reserve Best Male or Female: 5pts Best of Winners: 20 points awarded. * Breeds with Varieties such as: Best Pocket, Best Standard, Best XL, Best Extreme & Best Classic for American Bully. Best Standard & Best Micro for Exotic Bully. Best Standard & Fluffy for French Bulldog, 10 points awarded for those classes.

Best of Breed: 1 point awarded towards the Top Dog of the year. *These points are separate from points awarded towards Champion title. Best in Show 2 pts awarded towards top dog program.

Reserve Best of Breed: 5pts

A Best in Show win will be considered a major towards Champion title if no other breed competition is competing that day. Champion title requirements are as follows: Dog must be fully registered within 30 days of the show, if not points will be awarded to the 2nd place dog.

Reserve Best in Show: 5pts

150 total points earned. 3 majors under 3 separate judges. ***if points are earned under the same judge in multiple shows they will be awarded. If majors are earned under the same judges in multiple shows only 1 major will be considered. GCR judges, representatives and staff reserve the right to withhold said points and majors for poor sportsmanship and ethics violations. Grand Champion requirements and points are as follows: 5 Champion class wins with competition of one or more other Champions. If no champions are available on said show day a Best in Show win will be considered in leu of Champion Competition. Champion class wins will be awarded in this case, even if earned under same judge on separate show dates.